To enroll devices using Apple DEP method click on the DEVICES tab, then hover over icon and choose Bulk enrollment.

Select Apple DEP method.

To synchronize a new DEP account, first, select the Apple DEP method. Then, click the Start now button. A familiar window will appear, guiding you through the process. 

After uploading the DEP token to FAMOC, a summary will display the basic information on the account: name, Apple ID of the administrator and the number of devices available on the account. After closing the modal window you will be able to edit specific settings for the account.

In the General section:

  • If the Allow MDM removal by user option is enabled, the users will not be able to manually remove the MDM profile from the device.

  • If the Require user credentials for enrollment option is enabled, devices will be automatically attached to users upon enrollment, otherwise the Default user of the device selection will be used for new devices.

  • The Organization info fields are optional, their contents will be displayed on the device during enrollment.

The Startup settings section allows you to select which panes of the setup assistant should be displayed after the profile installation.

After configuring the DEP account settings according to your needs, press the Synchronize button. The profile information will be sent to Apple and assigned to the devices belonging to the DEP account and the entries for these devices will be created in FAMOC. At this point, the devices are ready for enrollment, and the number of successfully synchronized devices will be displayed along with the server’s token expiration date. If you return to the Apple DEP screen, a DEP accounts table will be displayed.

FAMOC allows multiple DEP accounts within an organization. All account synchronizations will be displayed here.

The DEP account table displays: the names of available DEP accounts, Apple ID used to create the accounts, DEP accounts token expiration date, last synchronization dates, the number of devices currently enrolled and managed, the number of devices synchronized with DEP in total and the status of the synchronizations.  The  button allows you to perform certain operations for any DEP account: edit the account’s settings, delete the account, stop the synchronization schedule, restart the synchronization, synchronize the account now and renew the server token. Any changes in the account’s settings require a synchronization (scheduled or manual) to take effect on the devices.

You can read more about Apple DEP enrollment in FAMOC Apple DEP documentation which can be downloaded here.