The Backup tab stores copies data from mobile devices onto the central FAMOC server. This allows a restore to be performed after data has been lost or a device has been replaced.

  1. To create a new backup template click Add backup pattern.

  2. Provide a name for the backup configuration.

  3. Select the type of data to include in the backup pattern. Supported data types include contacts, calendar, SMS messages and folders. It is possible to provide filters such as maximum total size, maximum file size and file types to include or exclude.

  4. Press Add item.

  5. Click Save to add the pattern to backup pattern repository.

  6. To perform backup press Execute button on the repository. 

FAMOC backup supports the following platforms:

  • Android

  • Apple iPhone 

  • RIM BlackBerry

  • Symbian S60

  • Microsoft Windows Mobile

  • JAVA

  • Samsung Bada

  • Symbian UIQ