To enroll devices via KME method log in to your FAMOC account and choose one of two possibilities.

  1. Go to Settings -> Android -> Samsung KME and press Bulk Enrollment

2. Or using second method from device tab

Click on the DEVICES tab, then hover over icon and choose Bulk enrollment, and Samsung KME.

Each method from previous section will open short configurator.

Every step is described in detail in KNOX Mobile Enrollment Guide which can be downloaded here.

Now, created device records will be overwritten with FAMOC MDM enrollment codes. After the device wipe or its initial setup, the device will enroll to FAMOC automatically.


When the device is not enrolled to the FAMOC MDM and you want to enforce KME with Device Admin profile without wiping the device, try going to and click Next button. If the device is connected to KME and added to FAMOC MDM, it will automatically connect these two services without the necessary wipe. (Base Agent 3.24.0+ required).