With the 3.32 version of FAMOC comes a huge change in the way policy templates work. Until now there have been four separate policy templates. Now, there will be only one policy that will include the security and Work Profile settings. Work Profile tab will also include KNOX settings. Separate KNOX policy will now be deprecated. Unification of the policies into one template will make it more convenient and faster to configure devices according to your needs.

If you were using several policies in FAMOC, you will have to merge them to make sure they work properly from now on. This short guide will lead you through the process of merging previous templates into one policy.

After updating FAMOC to 3.32 version, if there are any previously used templates (security, work profile, KNOX) in your FAMOC system, you will see a warning about policies that are not merged. Click Show unmerged or deprecated policies to see its status.

On the next screen you will see a list of all policy templates that are not yet merged. If you wish to still use them you should merge the policies with chosen general policy.

Click the  icon to do so. Select the general policy template to which security policy should be merged and click Next.

You will see a short summary of devices that use these policies. Click Merge to integrate both policies. All settings of the merged policy will be imported to chosen general policy.

There is also another way of merging policies. In the ADVANCED > Devices > Policies tab you can see a list of all general policy templates. Policies that don’t have security settings configured are marked with red font. If you hover over the template name you will see a tooltip: Security module is not yet activated in policy.

Click the policy name or  icon to edit policy. Security options tab will be marked with a red font color.

If you click that tab, an information will be displayed:

You can add an existing policy template or set up completely new settings. In the first case, a list of available policy templates will be displayed. Select the appropriate template from the list and click Next. The process looks the same as in the first method.

NOTE: Once the policy template is merged it will disappear from the list. If you wish to merge one security policy to more than one general policy, you have to duplicate the template using Save as option marked with a  icon.

NOTE 2: From now on KNOX api will be part of the Work Profile settings. If you use KNOX policies they will still be available in the Unmerged/deprecated policies tab. You can also still create and edit KNOX policies for devices with Android older than 8.0. However, KNOX policies cannot be merged with general policy.


Q: I have several general policies for different groups of devices but only one security policy. How should I merge them?

A: If you merge security policy with general policy, the former will be removed from the list. Let’s say you have two general policy templates: G1 and G2 and only one security policy: S1. If you merge templates S1 and G1, group G2 will lose its security template and will be automatically assigned to default policy. To avoid it you will have to first duplicate security policy. Click Show unmerged or deprecated policies. Then click Save as ( icon) next to the chosen policy. Provide the name for new template and click Save. A new template with the same settings will be created. You can now merge the duplicate (S2) with G2 template. Then you can merge S1 policy with G1 template.

Q: I have one general policies but  for different groups of devices we use different security policies. How should I merge them?

A: You can duplicate general policy template using Save as option (click the  icon). Let’s say you use one general policy (G1) and several security policies (S1, S2, S3). Create two copies of G1 policy with Save as option (G2 and G3). Then assign group (users or devices) that use S2 template to G2 template and S3 group to G3 template. Now you can merge corresponding policies.

Q: I have merged all my general policies with appropriate security and Work Profile policies. Is that all I have to do?

A: Newly created (merged) policies will be marked on the devices as outdated. To implement new templates you have to refresh policies on devices. You can do it in bulk using button in the Policies tab or manually on the Device details view using icon.