In addition to general settings there is possibility to add configurations & applications to the policy. 

To add configuration to the policy click the Select configuration button. Popup with configuration list will appear.

Configuration can be set for: 

  • Peak – configuration will be applied in peak

  • Off-peak – configuration will be applied in off-peak

  • Always – configuration will be applied always

Every time a device connects to the server, it checks if proper policy is applied, and if the change is needed (e.g. there was the end of the peak and currently applied configuration is only for the peak) old configuration is removed and the appropriate is applied. The time based policies can only be applied to iOS devices.

To add application, click on the Select application button. Popup with application list will appear. Selected applications will be installed while applying the policy on the device. When the assigned to device policy is changed, the new policy will be applied and the new list of application will be installed. When selecting the application, it is possible to specify number of installation retries (in case an application installation is cancelled by user, FAMOC will retry the operation). Possible options:

  • Installation obligatory (default option) – if installation is canceled, it will be applied every next day.

  • One installation attempt – if installation is canceled, it will not be retried.

  • Several installation attempts – installation will be retried specified number of times.

Policy components can be set in custom installation order using down/up arrows in Order column.

By default, each item is installed in a sequence (next item starts when previous has been successfully installed). It is possible to mark an item as independent (Independent column), which means the next action starts independently of the previous action, not waiting for its success report.

Select Ignore failure to execute the next action if the previous one failed.

Policy components tab