FAMOC manage is the enterprise mobile management solution that makes your job safer and more productive by delivering comprehensive security and management for applications, documents, email, and mobile devices across all operating systems.

Following the acquisition by Techstep, FAMOC manage is about to rebrand to Essentials MDM! Along with the name change come some updates to the product logo and our brand colours.

In the next FAMOC update (February 2023), we will introduce the following changes:

FAMOC branded users only:

  • Login screen update
  • Logo update in the admin console from FAMOC to Techstep

All users:

  • Privacy policy and EULA update
  • famoc.com website redirect


By the end of Q1:

  • Android app update
  • Mac OS app update


At the beginning of Q2 (ETA end of April), other changes will follow:

  • iOS app update (all users)
  • AppStore and Google Play profile update


Your FAMOC server address, login credentials and password will not change.


Login screen update


 Note: The admin console update will not affect customers and partners who have custom branding.

The admin console’s login screen will receive a new background image along with a new Techstep logo.



In-console logo update 


The logo at the top left corner of the admin console screen will be changed to the Techstep logo as seen in the following image. The colours will reflect the Techstep brand.


­Mobile app update


Note: This change will be visible to ALL users and partners, even the ones with custom branding


Both Android and iOS apps will get a new logo and Techstep brand colours (in February 2023 for Android, and by the end of March 2023 for iOS).


Android app update (ETA Feb 2023)




iOS app update (ETA Mar 2023)





There’s no additional cost of renaming and rebranding FAMOC to  Essentials MDM. FAMOC users will not lose any functionality and no action is needed on your part at this time. You may however consider informing your end users/customers about upcoming changes.

For more information, go to FAMOC to Essentials MDM FAQ.