The device management mode with Work Profile allows you to: 

  1. add a private employee's device that will also serve as a work device (BYOD). The advantage of this solution is that the device does not have to be restored to factory settings, and the employee can use a phone that he knows well and does not have to learn to use it.

  2. adding a work device, but with a dedicated part for private data (WPC). In this case, the device must be either new or restored to factory settings

Regardless of the selected mode above, a Work Profile will be created on such a device, which will be managed from the FAMOC manage console and is dedicated to data, accounts and work applications. At the same time, the private part of the device will not be subject to control, so that the user can be confident about the privacy and security of personal data stored on the device.

FAMOC manage offers an easy registration wizard that allows you to quickly and easily add a new device to the system with a Work Profile. This feature allows you to register a single device in different ways: email, SMS or QR code. 

To facilitate the use of this mode - beside downloading APK file directly from the FAMOC manage server -  it is possible to install the FAMOC Base Agent from the Google Play store. This will download and install the fully configured agent on the device. Installing from within the store means that you won't need to enable installation from unknown sources on your device, making the process faster and more secure. To set this option, enter the organization's settings, and then select Enable installation of Base Agent by Google Play.

Adding a device

To add a device to the system, hover over the C:\Users\lukasz.orzeszek\Desktop\Dokumenty\GUI - devices guide\screeny\5.pngbutton in the DEVICES tab and choose the ‘Enroll a device’ option.

A step-by-step modal window will appear and guide you through the enrollment process.

First, choose a platform. You can choose between Android, Apple or other devices (eg Windows). In this case, we will choose Android.

In the second step, select the device user and edit the user's email address and phone number if necessary. Select enrollment method - BYOD/WPC to register a device with a work profile. Depending on the method chosen, an appropriate policy will be assigned. You can also select a device group.

The third step displays policy and apps that will be assigned to the device. This is based on the device group or user group.

In the penultimate step, select the desired management method. Depending on the ownership issues of the device, we choose the business device with a work profile (WPC) or a private device with a work profile (BYOD)

BYOD registration gives us two options - sending an activation link to the device or scanning a QR code.

Send a registration link

A link to the registration page can be sent to the user's email address or via SMS. Note: To use the SMS option, you must have an SMS gateway installed.

Scanning the QR code

To do this, use the device's built-in camera or downloaded external application that allows you to read and open the QR code. The app should be set to automatically open links. Otherwise, the QR code may be deemed to have been used before being opened in a web browser.

Regardless of the chosen method, you will be redirected to:

  1. home page where you can download the FAMOC Base Agent

  2. Google Play store where you should download the agent like any application and run it (if the option Enable Base Agent installation via Google Play has been selected in the settings)

After downloading the Base Agent file, a new device record will be created automatically in the system and the device will be assigned to the currently logged in user.

Registration in WPC mode

In WPC mode, scan the QR code displayed on the screen (to facilitate the process, you can enter the data of the WiFi network to which the device is to connect).

The QR method does not require an additional device enrolled. The QR Reader can be easily accessed by tapping the welcome screen (on the screen below) on a factory reset/new device 6 times.

After scanning the code, the process is automatic. The user must confirm the registration by clicking Next or Continue in the screens that appear.