USSD codes (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) allow you to quickly launch specific mobile network services on any mobile phone. To start them, enter the appropriate character string for a given service on the telephone keypad and then confirm with the call key. These codes can, for example, be used to activate or deactivate voicemail, forwarding, or roaming calls.

Thanks to the new configuration in the FAMOC manage console, it is possible to quickly run the USSD code on any Android device belonging to your organization. To do this, you need to create an appropriate configuration and enter the code you want to execute in it. In the CONFIGURATIONS tab, click the plus icon to add a new one.

Then select Android Platform and Configuration Type Tools. In the next step, select the USSD code request configuration.

Enter the code you want to call on the device and move on.

Set the rest of the parameters according to your preferences and save the configuration. From now on, you will be able to select a specific configuration from the list and apply it to the selected device(s).

A redirect notification will be displayed on the device, which will also be permanently visible in the notification bar.

The supported codes depend on the network operator and the SIM card settings. In the table below you will find the basic codes that can be used in this configuration:


USSD code

Unconditional forwarding of calls to the given number

Activation: *21*country_code+phonenumber# e.g. *21*+48600123456789

Deactivation: #21#

Forwarding when the number is busy

Activation: *67*country_code+phonenumber# e.g. *67*+48600123456789

Deactivation: #67#

Disabling all forwarding