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Hi there,

Ten years ago, the FancyFon team set off on a big mission: to make mobile device management in enterprise simple and secure. Day after day we design, test and develop new features to make FAMOC better satisfy its users.

During last 3 months, we made another step to help you adapt mobile technology in the workplace and get the most of new smartphones and tablets.

We're really proud to launch FAMOC 3.27.0 with plenty of new features such as silent certificate installation for Android devices, brand new remote support console, advanced support for Sony and much more!

Should you have any questions or need help, please contact our support at support@fancyfon.com.

The FancyFon Team

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When technology fails...



Let's imagine a situation when one of your specialists, who works in the field, has a sudden problem with a smartphone. Miles away from your headquarters with a broken device.

Or think about even worse situation - your CEO is on a business trip abroad. Suddenly, you get a call and hear "Andy! My smartphone is dead! I need my calendar, mail, Evernote! Help me!". A hard nut to crack, huh?

Keep calm and use FAMOC Remote Support Console

With FAMOC, you can connect and remotely support mobile devices that are far away from your office. In FAMOC 3.27, we updated the look of our remote support console. Now, you can use remote access and minimalize the remote access window and see a list of devices as well! This feature is available in the action box on the device details tab.

How can remote access support help your company?

Connect devices quickly, regardless of location and time zone

Offer instant support

Improve processes and keep people out of danger

Reduce downtime 

New Remote Access Console - take a look!

Do you think this is everything we prepared for you?

Not this time!
  • Turn on/off wifi button in FAMOC Launcher

  • Silent certificate installation/removal on Android devices
  • CA issued client certificate (SCEP) option in the Knox Workspace
  • Sony API features
    • Unknown sources lock
    • Factory reset lock
    • Block application uninstallation
    •  F5 Access VPN client support in Generic and KNOX VPN configuration
    • Support for Strongswan client 1.8.2
  • Application grid on main application tab and device details tab
  • Windows 10 Mobile features:
    • certificate removal with revoke operation
    • block removal of the workplace (MDM profile)
    • turn on and block location