There's no stopping us! 

Te year has just started, but our team is already at full speed. The end of March brings the release of a new  Android application for FAMOC EMM system.

Now you can make use of simple and clean FAMOC mobile app for Android devices. The brand new app will help you take care of smartphones and tablets and protect them against threats.

Moreover, at the end of February, we visited Barcelona, which for a few days became the capital of mobile technology. Our integration and support for Samsung Gear S3 also got noticed by the industry.

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FAMOC New Android application

Over the past weeks, we've been working hard to create a new version of our Android mobile application. The responsive app is compatible both with new and older model of devices (support for Android version 4.0 - 7.1).

The user interface complies with the principles of Material Design. This graphic design style created by Google provides a great user experience and usability of the FAMOC Android application.

With new notifications bar, you get full visibility on what operations took place on the device. The user can also download applications from the corporate store. There's much more to our brand new Android app. Give it a try now!

New FAMOC mobile app for Android devices - take a look!

FancyFon at Mobile World Congress 2017

Every year our Fancy team takes part in the most important industry event - Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. For a few days it focuses the attention of all tech journalists, experts and geeks.

This year was no different. New high-profile smartphones, tablets were announced, together with wearables devices such as VR googles (HTC Vive) or smartwatches (Samsung Gear S3).

On the software side, we were really excited to present how FAMOC EMM manages Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch. With FAMOC EMM, IT pros can remotely install important upgrades and apps on a smartwatch, choose which apps are visible for the end-user and monitor location of employees.

The features developed for wearables create a huge opportunity in a real business situation. Just imagine a courier or a warehouse worker who carries a package and needs to have free hands to fulfill other tasks.