Introducing FAMOC 3.28

Developed for IT pros by IT pros

FAMOC & E-FOTA: a breakthrough in controlling updates on Samsung Android devices

Hi there,

A few months ago I decided to make a career change and become a software tester. During my first days at FancyFon I could hardly understand all complex IT terms everyone used. This new release is the first one I had a chance to test from start to finish - mobile, server and UX changes.
Junior Tester at FancyFon
What I like the most about the new release are quick actions. I think they are very intuitive and they will improve everyday operations for FAMOC admins.

New iOS features 

With this new release FAMOC administrator can now:
- play a sound on the lost device
- shut the device down or restart in lost mode
- configure iKEv2 VPN

FAMOC Organization Settings

We've moved all global organization settings to a new place. From there you can configure your Apple Push Notification service, enable E-FOTA or simply change language.

FAMOC New Features That We Think You'll Like

FAMOC is a multi-tool that lets you secure and manage your mobile devices. With ever-increasing number of actions you can perform there's always a dilemma what's more important. That's why we decided it's best for you to define it. You can know choose frequently used apps and configs as quick actions and find them in the action box.

Plus, we decided to group the actions so that they're easier to find.

Device details

All information about the device at hand. By clicking top menu in FAMOC Android app you can see the basic device data. What's more, the administrator can now decide what fields are displayed in the app.

Just go to General Policy > Advanced > Device details fields in Base Agent

All information you need in one place

FancyFon Partner Program is up and running. To help you get all the necessary information we've set up new partner portal. In order to get access, you can email me at or click the button below.