About this Guide 

FAMOC User Guide provides a short instruction on how to get started with mobile device management solution. It enables the administration team to remotely support smartphone users in the process of e.g. application provisioning, device configuration, data protection and over-the-air troubleshooting.

FAMOC Base Agent Installation and Configuration

The Base Agent is a basic FAMOC manager. The applet is installed on a user’s handset to facilitate the further installation of all the other FAMOC client components. The Base Agent also helps to remotely remove redundant applications.

  1. There are two different ways to download FAMOC Base Agent installation file on a device: 

  • by receiving and opening startup link via SMS or email

  • by manually entering FAMOC startup page address in the device’s browser

C:\Users\lukasz.orzeszek\Desktop\Dokumenty\MANUALE PLATFORM\ANdroid\screeny\Screenshot_2015-03-23-14-01-19.pngC:\Users\lukasz.orzeszek\Desktop\Dokumenty\MANUALE PLATFORM\ANdroid\screeny\4.pngC:\Users\lukasz.orzeszek\Desktop\Dokumenty\MANUALE PLATFORM\ANdroid\screeny\3.png

  1. Depending on the login settings in the FAMOC system, after entering startup page, the device user may need to enter appropriate credentials, input global password / enrollment code, or simply select FAMOC login and press Next.

  2. If required, the user needs to input the Phone description.

C:\Users\lukasz.orzeszek\Desktop\Dokumenty\MANUALE PLATFORM\ANdroid\screeny\7.png\\nas\10. Support\MANUALE PLATFORM\Manuale 2015\Android\screeny\EN\Screenshot_2015-04-02-10-54-49.pngScreenshot_20170215-122409.png

  1. The next step is to install the Certificate, if it appears on the startup page.

  2. Press download Base Agent file to device memory. By default, agent .apk file is saved in the Download folder.

  1. After running Base Agent .apk file, the user has to move forward with the installation process. In most cases Unknown sources feature has to be enabled in the device Settings>Security menu in order to start the agent installation.



  1. Complete the process by opening FAMOC application and allowing Base Agent to finish the configuration. It is very important to Activate FAMOC Device Admin when it appears on the screen. 

  2. Devices with Android 6.0 and higher require enabling FAMOC Accessibility Service.

  3. If admin had defined lock code configuration, the user will be notified about the Security policy. 

  4. Configuration and screen lock will have to be set.





Device Owner NFC enrollment

NFC enrollment is an alternative way to install and configure FAMOC in the Android Device Owner mode. It is supported in devices using NFC and running Android version 6.0 or higher.

  1. To enable the Device Owner NFC enrollment the user needs two devices:

  • The first one with properly installed and configured FAMOC

  • The second (target) device needs to be new or after factory data reset, displaying the Welcome Screen

  1. The next step is to go to IT Control on the managed device and press Start to scan the second device via NFC.

  1. Align devices with each other to detect NFC (in most devices it is located at the back). Both devices must have NFC enabled and screens cannot be locked.

  2. Signs of a successful detection are audio feedback and change on the screen of the first device as the view gets smaller and "Touch the beam." appears.


  1. Keeping devices together, press smaller window to initiate NFC enrollment. This starts FAMOC installation on the second (target) device.

  2. Now, the user needs to encrypt the device. his action requires plugging in the device to the charger and charging the battery to a minimum 80%.


  1. When the device is fully encrypted, the next step is connecting to the internet to get a FAMOC configuration. After that,  the device is ready to work, and FAMOC will start downloading all necessary agents.

FAMOC Base Agent 

Once the Base Agent installation has been successfully completed, the user may open FAMOC application in the device’s menu and start to utilize all of its features:

  • Notifications: Pending and Log. 

               In Pending tab there are operations that need to be accepted by the user.

               Log shows all activities that have been done on a device.

  • Corporate Store: browse through all the applications that are shared in the organization

  • IT Control: In this section User can invoke Logging, Recovery Mode and Maintenance Mode by confirming action and providing challenge key from the FAMOC administrator.

  • Backup: please see 4.1.

  • About: the basic information about FAMOC.



  • Device Information Tab: user is able to check device details. To enter information tab user have to tap on marked area. By default, model, platform, imei, wlan and user details are displayed. Additionally, the administrator can configure additional fields to display in General Policy (General Policy > Advanced > Device details fields in Base Agent).


FAMOC Agent Installation

Android devices support different FAMOC agents, which provide a wide variety of possible actions:

  • Backup Agent - performs backup of chosen data 

  • Remote Access - for file manager, remote desktop control **

  • Location Monitor – pinpoints the current location of the device

  • Usage Monitor - gathers data on the device activity 

Each agent is installed as a usual application. Devices that support Silent mode* do not require any confirmation on the user side. In other cases, if a device does not support Silent mode, the device user has to confirm all installation steps.

* Possible FAMOC Base Agent modes: 

  • Silent mode - the administrator can configure various options without bothering the user

  • Information mode - the user will be informed each time that the administrator wants to take action

  • Confirmation mode - user confirmation is required before taking action on the device

** Please note that the Remote access functionality, with the feature to display device screen remotely,
is available for specific device makes / manufacturers. For more information, please contact the FAMOC support team at support@fancyfon.com.

*** Please note that Confirmation mode is the only possible way to install agents and applications on devices that do not provide access to their API. For instance, most of non-Samsung Android devices require the device user to confirm all installation steps taken by the FAMOC administrator.

The Backup Agent

FAMOC Backup Agent enables scheduled or ad-hoc, encrypted backup sessions to be performed,
with cross-platform data restore, eliminating the risk of losing critical data on the device. 

FAMOC Backup Agent installation is similar to Base Agent installation. When notification appears in the top of the screen, the user has to confirm it, press OK and continue the process by pressing the Install button.


Once the installation has been successfully completed you can see the Backup item in the FAMOC app menu.


The Backup Agent configuration and utilization:

  1. To start using FAMOC Backup Agent, open the Backup tab in the FAMOC application.  

  2. On entering FAMOC Backup, a menu will be displayed, allowing the user to backup and restore data, or browse through the summary of previously performed actions.

C:\Users\lukasz.orzeszek\Desktop\Dokumenty\MANUALE PLATFORM\ANdroid\screeny\35.pngC:\Users\lukasz.orzeszek\Desktop\Dokumenty\MANUALE PLATFORM\ANdroid\screeny\37.pngC:\Users\lukasz.orzeszek\Desktop\Dokumenty\MANUALE PLATFORM\ANdroid\screeny\38.png

  1. The user can open FAMOC Backup Settings to define required parameters for the functionality,
    such as backup Schedule interval, or Privacy password**. After setting the password,
    it is recommended not to change it.

C:\Users\lukasz.orzeszek\Desktop\Dokumenty\MANUALE PLATFORM\ANdroid\screeny\39.pngC:\Users\lukasz.orzeszek\Desktop\Dokumenty\MANUALE PLATFORM\ANdroid\screeny\41.png

**Please note that the backed up data is encrypted by default, however setting an additional password affects the level of data privacy. While restoring data to the same device, the password will be used automatically. However, to restore data on a new device, you will be required to input the password.

The Remote Access

Remote Access is a highly secure and easy to use solution, allowing the administrator to troubleshoot mobile devices remotely, over a data connection (e.g. the Internet), empowering the administrator to view the screen and take control over the keyboard or access device’s data via the file manager.

  1. FAMOC Remote Access installation is similar to Base Agent installation. When notification appears in the top of the screen, the user has to confirm it, press OK and continue the process by pressing the Install button. 

  2. Once the installation has been successfully completed, the icon of the agent appears on the applications’ view. 

  3. When the FAMOC administrator starts Remote Access session, user is asked to Accept the privacy policy. In addition, the user can tick the feature “Allow automatic remote administrator login”, which will enable the administrator to initiate further sessions without the user confirmation.

  4. On Samsung devices with Android 4.3 - 7.0 OS, the device user additionally has to:

  • Activate device administrator for Remote Access Agent

  • Confirm Privacy policy for Samsung KNOX License Management Service

Screenshot_20170223-102509.pngScreenshot_20170223-101637.pngC:\Users\lukasz.orzeszek\Desktop\Dokumenty\MANUALE PLATFORM\ANdroid\screeny\47.png


The Location Monitor

FAMOC Location Monitor enables the administrator to locate a mobile phone when tracking a lost or stolen device. 

  1. FAMOC Location Monitor installation is similar to Base Agent installation. When notification appears in the top of the screen, the user has to confirm it by pressing OK. In case the installation window appears continue the process by pressing Install button. 


  1. Once the installation has been successfully completed, the agent appears on the device applications list in settings..

The Usage Monitor

The Android Usage agent monitors and reports user activity to the FAMOC server, records outgoing and incoming voice calls, and gives insight into outgoing and incoming text and MMS messages. 

  1. FAMOC Usage Monitor installation is similar to Base Agent installation. When notification appears in the top of the screen, the user has to confirm it, by pressing OK. In case the installation window appears continue the process by pressing the Install button. 


  1. Once the installation has been successfully completed, the agent appears on the device’s applications list in settings.