Synchronization with Apple Device Enrollment Program provides a fast and easy way to deploy MDM profile on your corporate iOS devices.

For more info about DEP, please refer to Apple documentation at:

Connecting DEP account with FAMOC

To configure DEP enrollment in FAMOC go to DEVICES and select Bulk enrollment.


Then choose Apple DEP method and click Start now.

In the first step download the FAMOC DEP public key and click Next.


Once you have downloaded the key go to DEP portal and follow the instructions on screen.


Login to the Apple portal using your Apple ID.


Go to Settings -> Device Management and click Add MDM server.


Provide the name of the server, upload public key downloaded from FAMOC and click Save.

Then download the Token and upload it to FAMOC.

In FAMOC DEP settings select the default user. Setup device synchronization interval and press Save.

After configuration is saved, Start initial synchronization to synchronize all currently assigned devices on virtual MDM server. FAMOC synchronizes devices as planned.

Initial synchronization button is now replaced by Force synchronization button to force device synchronization.


Allow MDM removal by user

If checked, the MDM profile can be removed by the user.

Require user credentials for enrollment

If checked, the user will have to provide credentials during enrollment.

Default user of the device

Select default user of the device.

Require admin approval before enrolling a device

If checked, the admin will have to approve a device during enrollment. 


MDM profile information: department.

Support phone number

MDM profile information: support phone number.

Support email address

MDM profile information: support email address

Startup settings

Here you can decide which panels will be skipped during the initial setup

Accounts setup (macOS)

Startup settings

Here you can decide which panels will be skipped during the initial setup

Account configuration (macOS)

Configure automatic accounts creation during system installation for macOS 10.15+ (Catalina) 

Here you can configure the configuration screen displayed during system installation

Settings available: 

  • Skip primary account setup screen
  • Give administrator rights automatically

  • Disable modification of primary account during system installation

  • Short account name (enter manually or get from the user field)

  • Full account name (enter manually or get from user field)

  • Create admin account

Active Directory

Here you can enter Active Directory data that will be used during account setup

  • Host name

  • Login

  • Password

iOS DEP synchronization settings

Device synchronization interval

Possibility to set 30 minutes , 1 hour , 8 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours

Last synchronization date

Date of last successful synchronization to DEP servers

Synchronization status

Status of connection to DEP servers:

  • Not synchronized 

  • Synchronization completed successfully

Next synchronization date

Date of next synchronization to DEP servers

You can always change the above options. To do this, go back to the Bulk enrollment section, select Apple DEP and then click the three dots icon next to the selected DEP account and select Edit.