See what's new in FAMOC

Are you ready for a summer break? We are!

Our team can take a well-deserved vacation (of course not all of us at once) after the latest release.  FAMOC 3.30 is a huge step to embrace Google Enterprise and enjoy new features delivered by Google.

Android Device Owner

Google addresses Android fragmentation challenges with the Device Owner mode. FAMOC 3.30 comes with Device Owner support that gives full control over Android 6.0+ devices employees use. The device owner mode enables to strictly monitor and manage the whole device with restrictions such as:

  • disable factory reset
  • disable data roaming
  • camera lock
  • OTA update postpone for 30 days
  • and more

New or factory reset devices running Android 6.0 can be enrolled using NFC in the Device Owner mode with a managed device acting as a master.

New notifications

Notifications are located in a drop-down menu located on the top-right corner of our system and news notifications appear as a popup after you login.

Notification window includes the same familiar alerts that you see in Advanced tab. Plus, it gives you additional information on what’s included in our system updates. Alerts are displayed in the friendly inbox-like format, so now you can stay up-to-date and fix the issues reappearing on a large number of devices with just one click.

Advanced tab redesign

Our advanced interface is still a place where many IT admins go to push themselves to the next level. To make their journey more exciting, we decided to put some fresh air to the design by adding new icons and slight changes in the overall look.

Friendly reminder: GDPR is here

GDPR is now in effect. After months of preparations, May 25 marked the official start date of the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). As our partner we advise you to sign with us data processing agreement and review our updated Privacy Policy.

In addition to our own compliance, we want to make sure that FAMOC is the tool that helps our customers comply with GDPR requirements. With that in mind we prepared the document on ours customers' security practices regarding new regulations.

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