FAMOC offers an easy enrollment Wizard that allows to add new device to the system in a quick and simple way. This feature allows you to enroll a single device using various methods: email, phone number or QR code; or set the device up in Device Owner mode using NFC or a QR code.

To add a single device to the system, hover over the C:\Users\lukasz.orzeszek\Desktop\Dokumenty\GUI - devices guide\screeny\5.pngbutton in the DEVICES tab and choose the ‘Enroll a device’ option.

A step-by-step modal window will appear and guide you through the enrollment process.

First, select a platform. You can choose between Android, Apple or other devices (e.g. Windows). In this case we will select Android.

In the second step select the device user and, if needed, edit the user’s email and phone number. Select the enrollment method - COBO for fully managed devices, BYOD for devices with work profile or COSU for dedicated devices. Depending on the selected method, the appropriate policy will be assigned. You can also select the device group.

You can read a detailed description of adding devices in BYOD mode here:


The third step displays policy and apps that will be assigned to the device. This is based on the device group or user group.

In the penultimate step select the desired enrollment method. For Android Devices it is recommended to use Device Owner mode. It requires a new or factory reset device but gives you access to more features.

Set up Device Owner (reccomended)

This choice allows you to enroll an Android device in the Device Owner mode.

The first step of this process is optional and allows the administrator to configure a WLAN connection on the device during enrollment (Keep in mind that the device will require Internet access to communicate with FAMOC to properly configure and finish the enrollment process.) Then, select one of the two methods for enrollment in the Device Owner mode: NFC or QR enrollment.

The NFC method requires an NFC-enabled, admin-assigned device already enrolled (not necessarily in DO mode) to FAMOC. You need to select such a device for use as a master device for scanning. Choose the device and click ‘Start’. The master device will receive a request to start the NFC scan. Use the target device to scan the new device by positioning the devices back to back. When the new device is detected by the master device, tap the screen on the master device to start the enrollment process. The new device will be assigned to the selected user. Note: This method requires both devices to be NFC-enabled, with the functionality turned on the master device. The new device must be factory reset or new with Android 6.x or higher.

NOTE: NFC method has been deprecated and will no longer be developed since Android 10.

The QR method does not require an additional device enrolled. The QR Reader can be easily accessed by tapping the welcome screen (on the screen below) on a factory reset/new device 6 times.

After scanning the code, the process is automatic, user confirms the registration by clicking Next or Continue in the following screens.

Note: This method is available only for devices with Android 6.x of higher.

Legacy options

Legacy options of enrollment include sending enrollment link via e-mail or SMS or scanning QR code. Select Show legacy options to access those ways of enrollment.

Send Enrollment Link

A link to the enrollment page will be sent to the user’s email address or phone via SMS. Note: To use the sms option you need to have the SMS gateway in place.

Scan QR Code

You can scan the QR code using a device camera or QR code reader apps. Note: set the QR reader apps to open links automatically. Otherwise, the QR code will be counted as used before opening the link in the web browser. After scanning, the device displays the enrollment page.

After downloading the FAMOC app a new device record is automatically created in the system and the device is assigned to the selected user.