The Logs tab allows you to monitor statuses of operations, which were executed on all mobile devices in the organization in one place. The administrator can customize, sort, or filter operations shown on the list to monitor operation only from specific device groups, or show only operations with specific status of operation. The administrator can also export data from the table to popular data type file. The Logs list is refreshed automatically, so there is no need to refresh a page to see new operations or changes in operations statuses.

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Customizing logs list

There is a possibility to customize which columns are displayed, by using Customize table view button C:\Users\lukasz.orzeszek\Desktop\Dokumenty\GUI - devices guide\screeny\6.png. All available columns are listed on the left side of the Action box, while columns currently visible in the Logs list are displayed on the right side. You can drag and drop any column to change order or list of displayed columns. To confirm press Save.


Filtering logs list

There is a possibility to filter which operations are displayed, by using the Filters button You can filter operation by various settings:

  • Show last - if chosen, the system displays only operations from chosen time frame; possible options to choose are: one day, two days, three days, one week, two weeks, one month and full history;

  • Date range - you can choose specific dates (with hours and minutes) on calendars from and to which operations will be shown on the list;

  • Filter by operation status - you can choose status of operations, which you want to see on the list. 

Records per page - you can change quantity of operations shown on a single page.

To confirm settings, press Save.

Export logs data to a file

There is a possibility to export logs data by clicking the Export data button You can export data with order of column previously chosen in Customize table view options or choose another order of columns by drag and dropping columns from Available columns and Selected columns lists.

You can choose format of exported file from three options:

CSV comma separated - .csv file, in which records are separated with “,” character;

CSV semicolon separated - .csv file, in which records are separated with “;” character;

TXT tab separated - .txt file, in which records are separated with tabulators.

Use filters checkbox allows you to export data with previously chosen and confirmed filters (e.g. operation status).

To confirm settings, press Save.

In logs tab administrator can export operations in a single file only with records, which are displayed on the single page, for exporting operations with many pages, he needs to export one file for each page with records.