The Applications tab enables FAMOC user to manage components, which may be installed on mobile devices. All applications added to the system can be sorted by using the chosen column. At first glance, it is possible to notice details such as application’s icon, version, group, target platform or source. It is possible to customize which columns are displayed. 

To add an application to the system, use Add application button C:\Users\lukasz.orzeszek\Desktop\Dokumenty\GUI - devices guide\screeny\5.png in the APPLICATIONS tab. It displays an action box which will be used to choose the source of the application. The following steps need to be performed:

  1. Select the source of the application, which may be Google Play, Apple App Store or in-house application.appppp.png
  2. When choosing Google Play or Apple App Store as a source, FAMOC displays the action box. Input the name of the application in the search box and wait while the system loads search results. The applications associated with entered name will be found and displayed.
  3. Choose the application that you were looking for.
  4. Decide if the application should be available in the corporate store and select the application group. 
  5. Finish by pressing Apply.

You can also add an application by custom method.

If you choose Add in-house application option you will see a panel to provide basic data and upload application file. Required fields are marked with messages. Click on the Create button and your application will be shown on the list.


The administrator can add Install application to Quick action menu. To add click the application you want to add. Then turn the quick action toggle Set as install action on and name your quick action. You also have to select the role which can run created action. Click Save.

The process of installation can be now performed as Quick Actions. Select the application you want to install on a device and click button. Select the devices you want to install application on and decide if you want to do it now or schedule for later. To finish click Apply.

If you want to remove application from a device, uninstallation process of is done in the same way.