FAMOC 3.31.3 available now!

Here it is! FAMOC 3.31.3 means for example zero-touch improvements for Android, new features for iOS 12.2 and improvements for devices managing in COPE mode. Please check the details below! 

Advanced zero-touch 

What does the advanced zero-touch actually mean? First of all it is a possibility to log in to FAMOC with user credentials (based on zero-touch configuration) when enrolling the device. Additionally Base Agent is locked in kiosk until the device is configured.  

iOS 12.2 support

The previous version of FAMOC brought new features both for iOS and macOS. In FAMOC 3.31.3 you have additional restrictions in secure policy in the iOS 12.2 platform which means support in the cases below:

     DISABLE personal hotspot modification

COPE mode improvements

The improvements in COPE mode include:  
  • Device Owner QR code enrollment with system apps enabled by default, 
  • possibility of recreate Managed Google Play account in Device Owner when Work Profile is wiped,
  • blocking the manual removal of Work Profile.

 Below you can download release notes and fixes list.