New version of FAMOC will support new Google Push service (FCM), so this update is necessary in order to send push messages from FAMOC to newly added (from April 11th) Android devices.

If your company already completed all of the steps that we explained in a previous email (Important! Integration of Firebase with FAMOC 3.31.4), you don't have to worry - a FAMOC update is all that you have to do. If you didn't complete these steps, we remind you to do it according to the instructions below.

Firebase integration step by step

Below you can find the main steps of Firebase integration. Detailed instruction you can find in this file.

1. First, login to Firebase console
2. Select existing project or add a new one
3. Select or add FAMOC to integrate it with Firebase Cloud Messaging
4. Download google-services.json file, and then go to Cloud Messaging tab and copy Server key Token
6. Run the FAMOC Configuration Tool and go to Firebase push service configuration
7. Copy and paste Server key in FCM Server key field
8. Open .json file in Notepad and copy whole content. Paste it in Paste FCM JSON file field and click OK. To finish click Save
9. To finish the process select FINISH & SAVE CONFIG

Device admin removal

Google's device admin isn’t well suited to support today’s enterprise requirements and there are now new modes such as managed device (device owner) and work profile (profile owner). Due to this fact, Google deprecated device admin for enterprise use in the Android 9.0 release and they will remove these function completely in the 2019 release. We recommend customers and partners to adopt managed device and work profile modes to manage their devices from now on. You can find more informations on Google's webpage

 Below you can download release notes and fixes list.