VirusTotal in new version of FAMOC

New update of FAMOC will be available today. Due to Webroot disabling its service for app reputation, we replaced it with VirusTotal in FAMOC 3.31.6.

VirusTotal offers a wider range of application scanning in terms of reputation and their possible threats than the current Webroot. It is an advanced antivirus tool that consists of an antivirus engine, a website scanner and tools for analyzing files and URLs. VirusTotal checks factors using over 70 antivirus scanners, blacklist URLs and domains. The web interface has the highest scanning priority among publicly available transfer methods.

What do I have to do to sync VirusTotal with FAMOC?

If your license has previously included the Webroot service, all you have to do is update the FAMOC system to 3.31.6. VirusTotal will automatically integrate with FAMOC. If you did not have a Webroot service, you can now add VirusTotal to your license. In order to do that, contact your FAMOC system vendor.

You can find FAMOC & VirusTotal integration details in the documentation.

 Below you can download release notes and fixes list.