FAMOC 3.32 - what's new?


New FAMOC is already in town! Version 3.32 brings some changes that we hope will make your everyday job with FAMOC a lot easier :)


Policies unification


Firstly - the biggest change of them all, that we already informed you about last week - policies unification! We simplifed and unifed them - until now there have been four separate policy templates, but from FAMOC 3.32 there will be only one policy. This policy will include both the security and Work Profile settings. Work Profile tab will also include KNOX settings because separate KNOX policy will now be deprecated. Unification of the policies into one template will make it more convenient and faster to configure devices according to your needs.

No worries - until September 1st you can maintain policies in their current form, without a unification. Only after this date, we'll start to enforce this change

From now on, the KNOX API will be a part of the Work Profile settings. If you are using the KNOX policy, it will still be available in the Unmerged/Deprecated policies tab. You can still create and edit KNOX policies for Android devices prior to version 8.0. However, it is not possible to merge them with general policy.

If you haven't read the previous e-mail regarding policies change, please read it now as well as the documentation on the policies unification to be 100% ready when September 1st comes ;)

We are planning to conduct two webinars, in which we'll explain the policies unification and show step by step what to do to prepare. Pick your date and sign up today, cause you don't want to miss it!

                                Sign up for a webinar on 23/07                           

                                Sign up for a webinar on 06/08                            
New "Device details" tab look!

"Device details" tab in FAMOC 3.32 has got a new look! Now you can see at a glance what the policy status and synchronization status on the device are, whether there is a work profile on it and check all notifications. We hope that this new look will help in your everyday work with FAMOC.


Samsung KNOX in Work Profile


Until now, FAMOC administrators had a choice of two containers on Samsung devices: KNOX or Android Enterprise. From Android 8.0 both these solutions are combined into one - now the user of Samsung device has the ability to use a Work Profile container and optionally activate the Knox Platform for Enterprise license (formerly KNOX Workspace) on it. Additional features have been designed to meet the most demanding security and confidentiality needs of the data, while providing powerful features for Android. In the FAMOC system they are available in BYOD mode and full device management - Device Owner.

A full comparison of the features can be found here.                  

Documentation of FAMOC 3.32 you'll find on our support portal.

In case of any questions, don't hesitate to ask our Support team at support@fancyfon.com.                                                                     

Below you can download release notes and fixes list.