FAMOC 5.0 is here - check out our new version!

New month, new FAMOC! On September 2, 2019, we officially changed our company name from FancyFon to... Famoc!

We changed our name because now we're more than ever focused on our product and new brand values, which you can read about here. We also invite you to our new website!

Due to the new company name and a completely new brand, we have also updated the appearance of FAMOC system and developed some improvements. Despite all of these changes, it's still us, only in the new (funnily enough) version :)       

Brand new brand 

Due to change of our company name, new branding and logo, we have also changed the appearance and naming of products from the FAMOC family. Our basic MDM/EMM system, previously known as FAMOC, has changed its name to FAMOC manage. We have now also named two other products - FAMOC defend (dedicated to the public sector) and FAMOC lock (which can lock down devices of users who miss payments). More information about our products is available on our website.

So what visual changes can be expected in FAMOC manage 5.0?


  • new look of the login screen
  • new look of the main view of FAMOC manage 
  • black and white colors with blue elements that are characteristic for FAMOC manage

Zebra Remote Access 


New FAMOC 5.0 supports remote access for Zebra devices from MX 8.3! Thanks to this feature, we can now better support Zebra users.

New device data in new UI

New options have appeared in the device view in the Basic parameters tab - now you can check, among others, device status, disks or certificates. Thanks to this change you can easily and quickly find the most important information about each device.

Full documentation of the FAMOC 5.0 system is available on the partner portal.

If you have any questions, please contact our Support Team at support@famoc.com.

Below you can download detailed release notes and fixes.