New version of FAMOC manage is here! 
We're not slowing down - it's been 3 weeks since FAMOC manage 5.1.0 came to live and we already have FAMOC manage 5.2.0 for you! Find out what we have improved and what's new in this version?

New Android Kiosk mode

We've added some new options in Kiosk mode for Android devices.

                                          image (2)-1


Now you can, for example, lock options: 

  • Volume change  
  • Power button long press 
  • Keyboard protection 
  • Home button 
  • Recent apps 
  • Notifications    
  • System informations in the status bar 

With this configuration you can block hardware and software buttons on the device as well as notifications bar to make sure it works properly in Kiosk mode. This way, user can use only FAMOC Launcher on the device and all of the other apps are blocked. This option no longer requires the manufacturer's signature. 

KNOX API in Work Profile

In FAMOC 5.2.0 we have moved some functionalities from KNOX policy to Work Profile for Samsung devices with premium license. Implementation of KNOX API in Android Work Profile allows to set some new restrictions. It is now possible to block creation of mail, LDAP and Samsung account in Work Profile. You can also allow moving apps (from personal space to the container only) and files (both ways). In addition, you can disallow sharing calendar between personal and work space and block "Share via" option in Work Profile.

                                          image (3)


New StrongSwan with updated icon is available on our GitHub account.  

PHP 7.2 

In FAMOC manage 5.2.0 we have changed PHP from 5 to 7.2! The performance of PHP 7 and PHP 5 is a major difference - due to a brand new model of engine, the performance of PHP 7.2 will be significantly higher.

In case of any questions, please contact our Support Team at support@famoc.com. Please albo remember to check out our FAMOC manage roadmap.