New FAMOC manage is already here! 

Time for a new version of FAMOC manage - 5.3! There's a lot of new features and improvements, so read below what we've changed ?

Factory Reset Protection management

Factory Reset Protection (FRP) prevents from other people using your smartphone - if you perform the hard reset on your device with FRP switched on, you have to enter the login and password for the last Google Account that was registered on your phone.


FAMOC manage 5.3.0 allows new FRP management options:

  • disable FRP,
  • unlock the device with an active account on device,

  • unlock the device with an account from the defined list,

  • remove the FRP after device wipe.

FAMOC notifications


In FAMOC manage 5.3.0 we enhanced send message operation - now there's a new type of message that can be shown on device as a pop-up!


You can send a message or show a notification on user's device.


Application download enhancement

Now there's a possibility to define application external source of the APK file (e.g. Dropbox). When defined (on application details page), APK file will be downloaded and installed by Base Agent.

iOS configurations improvements

FAMOC manage 5.3.0 brings new options in configuration of iOS for Exchange and Applications.


Now you can disable applications: Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Notes, Reminders (but note that disabling all of these services will cause the operation to fail and it is not recommended by Apple). Administrator can also prevent the user from changing the state of services listed above.


FAMOC manage 5.3.0 also has S/MIME support with suboptions such as: allow user to enable or disable S/MIME signing, allow user to modify encryption certificate, encrypt by default and enable encryption per-message switch.


In FAMOC manage 5.3.0 we've also improved application configuration for iOS. Now you can upload file with configuration parameters and maintain the custom values (nested parameters are supported). The example is Google Chrome configuration. Now the application configuration process is even easier!

Remote access for new devices!

FAMOC manage 5.3.0 has two new FAMOC Agents that allow even better management for devices:

1. Hammer devices

2. New tablets Lenovo M and the newest Lenovo TAB M10


In case of any questions, please contact our Support Team at Also remember to check out our FAMOC manage roadmap

and our support portal, where you'll find FAMOC manage 5.3.0 documentation.