New version of FAMOC manage is here! FAMOC manage 5.6.0 brings a lot of changes and improvements. Check out what's new this time ?

Possibility to block calls/messages

A new option has appeared in security restrictions for Samsung devices - possibility to block incoming calls and SMS messages. There are 4 options to choose from - do not block incoming calls and messages, block all, block numbers according to the pattern (e.g. numbers beginning with a specific digits) and block all except numbers according to the pattern (e.g. allow only calls and messages from numbers starting with "+44").


E-FOTA improvements

We have made some improvements in the Samsung E-FOTA service that enables remote OS updates. Now it is possible to send the system update to a specific device (and not as before to the whole group of devices). In addition, the user can now postpone the update to the end of the schedule window set by the administrator. After the schedule window expires the update will be performed automatically.

Easier application distribution 

Distributing and managing applications in FAMOC manage is now even simpler. In FAMOC manage 5.6.0, instead of assigning applications to corpstores, the administrator will assign applications directly to the user/devices groups. Thanks to this change, app distribution is much faster and easier. E-FOTA is now fully handled in managed part of the FAMOC UI and implementation in Advanced UI is discontinued.



New device logs tab

There's a new device logs tab view in FAMOC manage 5.6.0 with some additional possibilities. Now you can: show child operations, customize the table view, export the log entries.



Device repair cycle improvements

As many FAMOC manage users, as many ways to use it. One of our customers uses FAMOC manage to, among others, manage the repair cycle of the device. To make it easier for companies to use this feature, we've added some new options. In the device repair cycle in FAMOC manage 5.6.0 you will find supported statutes:

  • Active device owned by the customer,
  • Device in the repair pool owned by the service factory,

  • Deactivated device (broken, lost or returned to the vendor),

  • Device in the device pool owned by the customer.


iOS 13.4 readiness 

FAMOC manage 5.6.0 is now ready to support iOS 13.4, iPadOS 13.4 and tvOS 13.4. There's also a new restriction to allow use of TLS 1.0/1.1 in Safari (which is turned off by default).

New interface changes

Please be advised that we will soon prevent users of disabling the new interface. The new interface of the FAMOC manage 5.6.0 system is being developed more and more and many management options are allowed only in this interface. For the sake of security and usability of the system, we recommend using the new interface from now on.