It's time for FAMOC manage 5.8!

This new version of FAMOC manage system brings a lot of new features and improvements. There are too many of them for this email, so please don't forget to check the documentation!

BYOD mode enhancements 

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is a policy that allows employees to use private devices for corporate purposes. One of the advantages of this mode is employee privacy, because by managing the corporate part of the device, we do not have access to the private part. In FAMOC manage 5.8, we decided to make it even easier for employers to use this mode, adding some improvements.

First of all, we have added new enrollment options for BYOD devices - QR code and zero-touch for Android devices. In the enrollment window, the administrator can now immediately select the "add in BYOD mode" option (as shown in the screen below), thanks to which the default security policy dedicated to this mode will be assigned (the default BYOD policy is also available for organizations with already added devices). If you are a new user of FAMOC manage and want to quickly test the available functionalities, now you are able to add your private device to the console and test FAMOC manage within the created container!

Legacy enrollment options (Device Admin registration link or QR code with a link to the FAMOC manage start page) are still available at the bottom of the enrollment window,


Fast and easy login 

To meet the expectations of our customers, we've added some improvements to device login. Now you can connect to the FAMOC manage system using external authentication solutions - such as Swivel Secure, Azure AD, Okta and many more. We used the SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) protocol, thanks to which you can log in to many device resources - including FAMOC manage - with just one tool. By using this login method, you can access several different tools very quickly! 

famoc 5.8-1

macOS App Store support

We are developing our macOS support more and more with each version of FAMOC manage. In FAMOC manage 5.8 you will find macOS application search! Now faster than ever you will find applications dedicated to this software and easily install them on your device.

Application update management

In FAMOC manage 5.8 we have added new options for managing application updates. The options available in the apps policy are:

  • enable auto updates,

  • enable auto updates only when the device is connected to Wi-Fi,

  • allow the user of device to configure the app update policy,

  • disable auto updates.

Thanks to these settings, you can be sure that no unverified version of the app will get to the employees' devices. You can update the application only when you are sure that the latest version complies with your security policy.

Even more improvements!

Contacts synchronization in COPE

In the previous version - FAMOC manage 5.7, we moved business book synchronization options to the Base Agent. Thanks to this, contacts can be now synchronized in the corporate part (in BYOD mode) or in the private part of the device (in Device Owner mode). In FAMOC manage 5.8 we have also introduced contact synchronization for devices in COPE (Corporate Owned Personally Enabled) mode.


Policy status 

From this version of the FAMOC manage system, the device user can easily check whether the policy applied on his device complies with the company's security policy. We plan to add there policy details as well in FAMOC manage 5.9.



E-FOTA service (enabling remote distribution and schedule of the OS version update) can now be found in the Updates tab.


Predefined message

In FAMOC manage 5.8 you can now save the message template and use it at any time. This will save your time and automate processes in your company.


famoc 5.8 draft


New interface changes

Please be advised that we will soon prevent users of disabling the new interface. The new interface of the FAMOC manage system is being developed more and more and many management options are allowed only in this interface. For the sake of security and usability of the system, we recommend using the new interface from now on.