A new version of FAMOC manage is already here! In FAMOC manage 5.9 we added some new features that we hope will significantly improve your everyday work with the system. Learn more about the most crucial ones ?

Zebra Lifeguard OTA support

Zebra Technologies devices are rugged mobile devices that are extremely useful especially in industries with difficult conditions. Now we support the OS upgrade system for these devices - Zebra Lifeguard OTA (Over the Air). Lifeguard OTA is providing security updates to the Android operating system over the entire life cycle of Zebra devices. The support of this function in FAMOC manage allows the administrator to update the software on Zebra devices completely automatically, without a physical contact with the device. This saves a lot of time for both - the administrator and the user, who does not have to worry for software update. Lifeguard OTA also makes devices secure and ready to go.

Lifeguard OTA is not a first feature for Zebra devices in FAMOC manage. Other functionalities that we support are:

  • zero-touch enrollment and Zebra StageNow, which provide the ability to add Zebra devices to FAMOC manage in bulk,

  • OemConfig - a tool for configuring Zebra devices using Managed Android Configurations, 

  • remote access - especially needed in industries in which rugged devices are often used (such as transport or logistics).

You can learn more about Zebra features in FAMOC manage from our joint webinar.

Zebra OTA updates

Extended policy status information

From the previous version of the system - FAMOC manage 5.8 - the device user can easily check whether the policy applied on the device complies with the company's security policy. In FAMOC manage 5.9 we extended this option - now after clicking on the policy status information, a user can see the details of ongoing and pending operations from the system.

policy status
Managed Google Play feedback

Now it's easier than ever to check the app configuration status. In FAMOC manage 5.9 we introduced Managed Google Play feedback for managed Android apps. In feedback channel you can check, among others, the current configuration status, detailed description of what happened (set by the app developer) and the status date. 

Application updates management in BYOD mode

In FAMOC manage 5.8 we have added new options for managing application updates. Now, in FAMOC manage 5.9, you can also use these options on devices with BYOD (Bring Your Own Devicemode. The options available in the apps policy are:

  • enable auto updates,

  • enable auto updates only when the device is connected to Wi-Fi,

  • allow the user of device to configure the app update policy,

  • disable auto updates.

Thanks to these settings, you can be sure that no unverified version of the app will get to the employees' devices. You can update the application only when you are sure that the latest version complies with your security policy.

Extended support for iOS apps

To make the use of FAMOC manage for Apple device users even easier, we now have an extended support for iOS application configuration. Now you can sort applications by specific parameters or add new sections. Thanks to this, the app configuration is more readable and easier to create.

iOS managed configuration

No possibility to disable the new interface

In order to make our system more secure and easier to use, in FAMOC manage 5.9 we prevented users of disabling the new interface of FAMOC manage system (it applies to on-site licenses).