FAMOC manage 5.10

FAMOC manage 5.10 is here! 

New version of FAMOC manage is already here! We are constantly improving our system to provide our users with the greatest security and with new management options. So in version FAMOC manage 5.10 we added a lot of improvements and new functions - dedicated for Apple and Zebra devices, COSU mode and many more! Below you can find information about the changes - enjoy! ?

macOS enrollment improvements

We are constantly expanding our support for Apple devices to make the use of FAMOC manage for their users even easier. In FAMOC manage 5.10 we have extended the DEP enrollment process for macOS devices: now you can easily define an administrator account and user account. Thanks to this, you can manage local user access and allow some actions only to the administrator.

In addition, we have introduced support for macOS application configuration.

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Changes in Device Admin mode

Device Admin mode is considered a legacy approach to management since the Device Owner and Work Profile modes were introduced in the Android 5.0 operating system. Device Admin is currently not considered as safe solution, so we begin to deprecate it in FAMOC manage. To ensure full security, we stop developing new FAMOC manage versions for devices in Device Admin mode, as well as for those with the Android 6.0 and Android 7.0 operating systems. On these devices you can update FAMOC manage only to version 5.9.1.

New app creation wizard 

Now it's easier than ever to create or add an application to FAMOC manage! In the new interface you will find an application creation wizard that will guide you step by step through the most important areas of adding apps process. Thanks to this, the whole process becomes easier and faster!

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Zebra LifeGuard OTA enhancements 

In FAMOC manage 5.9 we added a Zebra LifeGuard OTA (Over the Air) support. Lifeguard OTA is providing security updates to the Android operating system over the entire life cycle of Zebra devices. The support of this function in FAMOC manage allows the administrator to update the software on Zebra devices completely automatically, without a physical contact with the device. 


In FAMOC manage 5.10 we have improved this feature by adding the ability to specify the exact URL from which the file will be downloaded and installed on your device. This is another way to provide updates for Zebra devices!

Enrollment improvements in COSU mode 

COSU mode (Corporate Owned Single Use) is used when the company device is intended for one specific purpose only. We decided to make it even easier for employers to use this mode so we added useful improvements for COSU in FAMOC manage 5.10.


In the enrollment window, the administrator can now immediately select the "add in COSU mode" option (as well as BYOD mode that we added in FAMOC manage 5.8), thanks to which the default security policy dedicated to this mode will be assigned. This policy includes, among others, an automatic launcher installation, management of hardware buttons and advanced security options. The default COSU policy is also available for organizations with already added devices.