Meet FAMOC manage 5.11! 

It's already here - the new version, FAMOC manage 5.11, brings new features and a lot of improvements! Learn more about new options like new enrollment methods, VPN restrictions, configuration details and many more. Also feel invited to join our webinar(s)!?

Personalised e-mail with QR code for easier device registration 

We constantly strive to make the use of FAMOC manage simple and pleasant for the end users. We work hard especially on the first steps in console since that's where the whole process begins. In FAMOC manage 5.11 we added the personalised e-mail template that is sent from administrator to the user after first run of the device. The message contains detailed enrollment instructions (including QR code for easier registration), so that the user can easily add the device to FAMOC manage. The content of the e-mail can be edited by the admin before sending.

Reboot operation for Device Owner devices

The FAMOC manage system administrator can now remotely reboot the device. This is especially useful e.g. if the device is working in kiosk mode with all settings blocked except the one the device is dedicated to. This option extends the possibility of remote support because in case of any problem with the device, the administrator can remotely reboot the device. This new feature applies to devices with Device Owner (Android 8 and higher).

New way for COSU devices registration

In the latest FAMOC manage versions we have added a lot of improvements and new features to the enrollment process. In FAMOC manage 5.11 there is now an option to add COSU (single-use) device using Android zero-touch. This solution enables a seamless enrollment for corporate Android devices, so that you can add a large number of devices in easy, fast and secure way. Moreover, immediately after the registration process your device is ready to work in kiosk mode or with one selected app. Android zero-touch enrollment can be used for your entire mobile fleet or just a group of devices. 


In previous versions of FAMOC manage we added the new enrollment methods - now you can choose the type of device management during the first step in FAMOC manage: COBO (Corporate Owned, Business Only), BYOD (Bring Your Own Device / work profile) or COSU (Corporate Owned, Single Use).

VPN restrictions

FAMOC manage 5.11 also means the new restrictions. In this release the administrator can block the user from changing system VPN settings. Thanks to that, your company's virtual private network can be additionally protected against the unauthorised changes on the devices. This option is available for BYOD (with work profile) and COBO (fully managed) devices. 

Saving search results

Changes have also been made in the devices list view. We added an interesting option that will definitely save your time - the new "star" button allows you to save your search results. If you frequently search for a specific group of devices (e.g. a specific model, platform or user), now you can save the results for the future and quickly return to them next time.

Configuration details

FAMOC manage is getting closer to total configuration management! In FAMOC manage 5.11 we added the ability to check configuration details applied to the device. The option is visible in the "Device status" tab, which we have moved to the new interface. In the next version of FAMOC manage we are also going to add the option to edit the configuration details.