Let us introduce you to FAMOC manage 5.12 ?

New version - FAMOC manage 5.12 - is already here! We are constantly improving our system to provide our users with the greatest security and with new management options. So in version FAMOC manage 5.12 we added a lot of improvements and new functions - enrollment options, Samsung KSP support, iOS DEP enhancements, new configurations in macOS and many more! Below you can find information about the changes 

New enrollment options

We constantly strive to make the use of FAMOC manage simple and pleasant for the end users. That's why we work really hard on first steps with the FAMOC manage - especially on enrollment process. In FAMOC manage 5.12 we added a possibility to enroll BYOD devices using QR code scanner when downloading Base Agent from Google Play or installing it via APK. This option is available next to the login screen. QR codes from the enrollment emails or single enrollment can be used and the devices will be enrolled into BYOD mode. Thanks to that, a user can enroll his private device in a fast and easy way.

There are also some new enrollment enhancements - in FAMOC manage 5.12 you can find enrollment emails for COBO, BYOD and COSU modes that you can send to the new user. Each email draft has a different content - especially prepared for each of these modes. Also, in FAMOC manage 5.12, we've managed to add a possibility to select Device Owner / Device Admin enrollment in an enroll action.  

These changes make a whole enrollment process easier than ever for both sides - administrator of FAMOC manage console and the end-user.

Samsung KSP support in policies

The Samsung's Knox Service Plugin (KSP) is a solution that enables Enterprise Customers to use Knox Platform for Enterprise features as soon as they are commercially available. This automatic deployment method ensures that IT admins can use the latest Knox features on the day it is launched.


Now we support Samsung KSP in our policies - there's a new section in security restrictions of the policy called Samsung KSP. Android Managed Google Play account is required here - when enabled in organization, KSP app will be added and new options in policy will appear.


More information about benefits of Samsung KSP can be found on Samsung's site.

From FAMOC manage 5.12 we're also Samsung Knox Validated, which means, that nasz system jest certyfikowany przez Samsung w kontekście wsparcia dla KSP oraz KME.

To better explain to you Samsung KSP, as well as other Managed Google Play applications, we invite you to the webinar that will take place on October 7: 3 ways to use Managed Google Play Play ?Sign up now! 

Apple DEP enhancements 

In FAMOC manage 5.12 you can find a possibility to enable admin approval of DEP (Device Enrollment Program) enrollment devices. Now before adding the device, you can add a checking approval - admin after receiving an alert about enrollment can either approve it or wipe a device and report it lost. 

New configurations in macOS

There's a new set of configurations in FAMOC manage 5.12. 

macOS new specific configurations:

  • macOS App Store restrictions,
  • macOS Active Directory Certificate settings,
  • macOS Firewall configuration,
  • macOS Software update,
  • macOS global HTTP proxy configuration.

Soon we'll add even more macOS configurations. 

Management UI changes

In FAMOC manage 5.12 there are also some changes in the Management UI. First of all, there's a new tab - Usage monitor. It gives you a possibility to view all data reported by Usage Monitor. 


Also we now support new platforms: iOS 14, iPadOS 14, tvOS 14 and macOS 11.

We would like to invite you to the webinar, during which we will discuss the changes in this version of FAMOC manage and we'll show how you can use them in your company ✅ The webinar will take place on September 30 at 11:00 (CEST). Don't hesitate and sign up today!