Enrollment of iOS devices is not much different from registering Android devices.

To add a single device to the system, hover over the + button in the DEVICES tab and choose the Enroll a device option.

A step-by-step modal window will appear and guide you through the enrollment process.

First, select a platform - Apple.

In the second step select the device user and, if needed, edit the user’s email and phone number. Select the enrollment method - BYOD for devices with separate private and work part. Depending on the selected method, the appropriate policy will be assigned. BYOD method will also require Managed Apple ID to be entered. You can read more about Managed Apple ID here. You can also select the device group.

The third step displays policy and apps that will be assigned to the device. This is based on the device group or user group.

In the penultimate step select the desired enrollment method. For iOS devices there are two possible options.

Send Enrollment Link

A link to the enrollment page will be sent to the user’s email address or phone via SMS. Note: To use the sms option you need to have the SMS gateway in place.

Scan QR Code

You can scan the QR code using a device camera or QR code reader apps. Note: set the QR reader apps to open links automatically and open it in a Safari browser. Otherwise, the QR code will be counted as used before opening the link in the web browser. After scanning, the device displays the enrollment page.

Click Base Agent to start downloading profile.

Once the profile is downloaded, go to settings. The downloaded profile will be displayed under the user ID. Click on the Profile and then click Install. Confirm with your passcode.

Proceed with installation and confirm that you trust the profile source. After the profile is installed, management is active.