FAMOC manage 5.15 is finally here!

We are starting off this new month with a new version of our system - FAMOC manage 5.15! ? And to start this year in the best possible way, we have prepared a lot of useful functionalities and a little surprises! ?


Read below about all the changes and sign up now for the live demo webinar about this version - next Friday, February 12 at 11:00 AM (CET)

Location enhancements

In FAMOC manage 5.15 we've added improvements to one of the most important functions of devices - location. Now you have the following functionalities:


1/ FAMOC Agent Base API for turning on/ off a device location. This means that you can:

  • turn on/ off the location of the device (even if it's disabled by the user) and block the possibility of change
  • turn on/ off the location by any 3rd party trusted application


2/ Extended Android location lock - now you can:

  • disable the location (with an option to block the possibility of change)
  • enable the location (with an option to block the possibility of change)


The above functionalities are particularly useful in the transport industry (e.g. in navigation). We can use these functions to retrieve the location at a given moment and check, for example, whether the driver has already reached the destination.

Apps configuration

We have also improved the application configuration support - now the configurations will be sent over the FAMOC Base Agent instead of Google. This allows you to handle offline configurations without having to connect to Google services. Now all configurations will be visible on the Log tab, so you will be able to view their status.

Change displayed organization name

In FAMOC manage 5.15 we added a possibility to define the displayed organization name that manages the Android device. On the locked screen of Android devices, Google displays this default message: "This device is managed by your organization." Now you can edit this message to display a specific organization name.

DEP enrollment

FAMOC manage 5.15 also means new functionalities for Apple devices. For iOS and macOS we have added the option of additional authorization in DEP (Device Enrollment Program - program that allows you to automate the process of registering Apple devices in the MDM system). Now you can authorize the user with the FAMOC authorization code on your own webpage. Thanks to this, you can be sure that the authorization is safe and you have control over which users have already connected to the MDM system. You can of course also define the complexity, length and validity of the authorization code.

New features for macOS

We've also added two important features for macOS.

The first is macOS VPN configuration. 3 main types of VPN protocols are now supported: L2TP, IPSec, and IKEv2.

The second functionality is the enhanced macOS app installation handling. Now applications are marked as managed and configurable during the installation. As a result, work apps can be separated from private ones, which allows for easier management (e.g. the ability to uninstall the application if necessary) and greater security.

New layout of configurations

In the FAMOC manage 5.15 console you will find a new way to create configurations! Now when creating the configuration, you have the option to select the platform, categories, basic data and other relevant parameters. The configuration creation window will guide you step by step through all the relevant settings, and finally display a summary of the selected parameters.

Car mode

Finally, we present the icing on the cake ?  Meet the car mode!

The car mode allows you to control the speed - in the admin console you can set the vehicle speed (from 50 km/h to 200 km/h), at which the policy you set will be automatically activate. Speed is checked every second and when the last 10 measurements are above the specified speed (+10% km/h tolerance), the restriction policy is applied. Thanks to that you can, for example, block specific apps, calls or text messages when exceeding the speed limit in order to maintain the safety of the driver. When the driver reduces speed to the speed allowed by the administrator, the normal policy will be applied again.


This functionality is especially useful in the transport and logistics industry, for which we have also prepared a special offer: 100 free FAMOC manage licenses for six months! In the first quarter of 2021, new customers from industries: transport, logistics and retail can use this offer. In the next quarters the offer will include other industries selected by us - so don't wait and use the promotion as soon as possible! ? More information about the FAMOC offer for industries can be found here.