FAMOC manage allows you to control the device lock code in many ways. One of them is forcing a specific code on the device and monitoring any changes to that code by the user. This functionality can work primarily in the case of shared devices, as it allows you to avoid a situation in which the user changes the code without informing other users of the same device about it.

A specific value of the lock code can be forced using the Change lock code configuration. To create such a configuration, go to the CONFIGURATIONS tab. Then click the plus icon (+) in the upper left corner. We select the Android platform and then the type of Lock code.

Select the configuration Change of the lock code:

We go through the steps of creating a configuration, and then complete the configuration parameters. In the Lock code field, enter a specific code value and then select the Notify of the changed lock code by user.

Then we save the configuration. We can now install it manually on devices or add it as a policy item.

The entered lock code will be applied to the selected devices. Moreover, if the code is changed by the device user, an alert will be displayed in the FAMOC manage console.

After a while, the configuration will be automatically sent to the device again with the code.