Today, the new version of the FAMOC manage 5.17 system has arrived! This time, we mainly prepared changes on the FAMOC server and new functionalities for the Android system. You can read about the most important of them below, and if you prefer to see those changes live - sign up for our webinar, which we'll held on April 21 at 11:00 AM (CEST)! 

Reporting battery parameters and device unlock time

It's a second quarter of the year (already!), so now production/ warehouses/ heavy and power industries can take advantage of our special offer. During the next 3 months we're not only offering them free FAMOC manage licenses, but we'll also add to the system features dedicated to them! So in this new version of FAMOC we already added two:

/ Reporting battery parameters 


Now you have a possibility to report below battery parameters on Android devices:

/ battery level

/ battery condition

/ battery temperature

/ battery voltage

/ is battery present

/ low battery level

Reporting of the above parameters can be particularly useful in heavy industry, warehouses or production companies, where 100% efficiency of the device and its battery is extremely important for business. We also plan to add the possibility of alerting when the battery level specified by the administrator is reached.

/ Report device unlock/ lock time

In the new version of the Usage Monitor we have added a possibility to report device unlock/ lock time. New reports contain data on how long the device has been unlocked, i.e. used. This allows you to assess whether the device is used in its full range, thanks to which you have the ability to react and (for example) move devices to departments where they will be more needed and more often used.

Azure AD integration

Now FAMOC manage is integrated with the Azure Active Directory service dedicated to managing and securing identities. To integrate FAMOC with Azure AD, we recommend to read this documentation. When integration is successfully completed, the FAMOC administrator can set up an automatic synchronization (e.g. hourly or daily) and view details such as synchronization dates, status, users and groups. The list of users also shows whether the user is synchronized with Azure.

BYOD/ WPC policies enhancements

In FAMOC manage 5.17 you will now find two sections in the security options: device and work profile restrictions. Device restrictions contains security options that refers to the whole device (like Wi-Fi lock, data wipe on SIM card change, force automatic date and time etc.). Work profile restrictions, on the other hand, contain security options that refer only to the work profile part.

Customize fixed asset transfer/ disposal reports

In this new version of FAMOC manage, we have added the ability to customize fixed asset transfer/ disposal reports. It is now possible to customize the icon and content of the transfer/ disposal reports, so it contain for example device IMEI and serial number, device user name and surname, organization name and many more.

FAMOC for Android

Reporting all SIM cards details

In FAMOC manage 5.17 we added a possibility to report all SIM card details (including eSIM cards) on Android devices. Thanks to this new option you can download only SIM cards data, without the need to report other, unnecessary parameters.  

Wipe device operation on WPC devices

One of the new features for Android system is also a possibility to wipe all of the data on WPC (work profile on corporate-owned) devices.