Meet FAMOC manage 5.16! 

As you probably know now, we release new FAMOC versions every month. So now the time has come for the FAMOC manage 5.16! As always, we have prepared useful features, so you can use them in your organization. Read below about some of the most interesting ones! 

Schedule your device screen backlight! 

Would you like to have more control over the screen backlight on your company devices? We prepared something for you then! This configuration can be especially useful in Point of Sales - for example to display a specific content or offer during the POS working hours. You can also use it in the museum or in the office on devices in kiosk mode. The schedule of screen display prevents the abuse of battery of the device.


In FAMOC manage 5.16 we added a possibility to configure when the screen of the device should be turned on or off.

Administrator can set the behaviour of the screen:
/ turn off
/ turn on immediately with specified duration in minutes
/ turn on on schedule, where start/ end date and time can be set.

Rename of the work profile enrollments 

FAMOC has always been following trends and updates from the mobile world. On the other hand, we want the users of our solution to receive clear instructions and have no doubts about the names we use.


That's why in the new version of FAMOC manage, we renamed the Android work profile enrollments. Now you can find such enrollments:

/ Single enrollment - devices with work profile option include both BYOD and WPC (work profile on corporate-owned WPC) devices
/ Android 10+ BYOD enrollment mode is now called "work profile on corporate-owned devices (WPC)"
/ Policies for the work profile enrollments are now called "BYOD/ WPC policies".

Samsung KME enrollment enhancements

Samsung users can also find something for themselves in FAMOC manage 5.16.
It is now possible to enroll into WPC mode (work profile on corporate-owned devices) via Samsung KME.

BYOD enrollment improvements

Another new feature for Android is the possibility to enroll and configure Android device (BYOD) directly from the Google Play. We implemented this to speed up and improve the device registration process. Now, when installing FAMOC, you don't need to run app installation from unknown sources.


In order to enable this feature, you must set the option: "Enable Base agent installation via Google Play" on Organization settings tab.


* This feature will work when FAMOC manage 5.16 agent is available in Google Play.

Apple VPP apps improvements

Apple VPP apps can be now installed on both BYOD or fully managed (supervised) devices. Thanks to that, you don't have to decide whether the installation has to be on BYOD or supervised device - FAMOC will decide that for you.

Changes in iOS VPN

Now using VPN on iOS devices you don't have to be limited to the one application, but the the account. That's possible because VPN UUID of the per-app VPN is now available when creating iOS accounts. It can be used for account's network communication. Option is available since iOS 14 and can be set when creating accounts:
/ Exchange ActiveSync
/ Email
/ CalDAV
/ Subscribed calendars

Update eSIM

Do you have Apple devices with eSIM and want to update your card information on them? Now you can do it by sending a dedicated operation.


In FAMOC manage 5.16 we added a possibility to update the eSIM cellular plan for iOS devices. Operation is only available for devices that report eSIM identifier on iPad with iPadOS 13 and later and on iPhone with iOS 14 and later. Operation requires the proper carrier's eSIM server URL to query. It can be obtained from each carrier separately. You should remind that the information about the assigned SIM card on the specified server must already have the required information for the device to download it.

Apple BYOD Enterprise wipe support

Now the Enterprise wipe option is available on iOS, iPadOS and macOS in BYOD mode. In FAMOC manage 5.16 we also added iOS/ iPadOS/ tvOS 14.5 and macOS 11.3 support. 

New action box on Configuration tab

The step-by-step setup process ensures you that you won't miss anything during the configuration. Now FAMOC takes care to guide you through the new action box on Configuration tab! Executing the action from the Configuration tab invokes a new modal with several steps (based on the selected action).

Remote Access changes 

Continuing the development of ManagementUI, we moved the display of Remote Access feature there. Flash implementation of the Remote Access view is no longer supported. That is why, now opening Remote Access session in AdvancedUI redirects to the ManagementUI 'Run Remote Access' operation.