Overheating the device battery can seriously damage the device. To prevent this, FAMOC manage allows you to monitor the status of the battery and sends a notification when the battery exceeds a certain temperature limit.

In the device policy, enter the advanced settings, and then the Continuous parameter reporting and alerting section. Then we choose the time period in which we want to receive the report (all the time or only at the peak). We choose the parameter to be monitored - in this case Battery temperature, and then we choose the limit value from the range. After exceeding it, we will receive an alert. We also need to define the monitoring interval.

After applying the changes, refresh the policy on the device. When the battery temperature exceeds a certain threshold, an alert will appear in the FAMOC manage console (an alert can be forwarded as email or text message to the appropriate department or person). Thanks to this, we will be able to react in advance to prevent damage to the device. 

The content of the alert can be read by going into the details of the device, and then clicking on Notifications.