Today, the new version of the FAMOC manage 5.19 system has arrived! Have you had the opportunity to check it already? If you hadn't, below you can find information about key features in this version - make sure to try them out in your company!

Easier app management

In FAMOC manage 5.19 we've added a lot of visual changes in FAMOC system and the main one is a new layout of the application tab with:

/ easier use of the filters,
/ refreshed view of the app list and grid,
/ new action box with settings grouped in steps. 

Now you can add new apps and check their details faster and easier than ever ? It will save you a lot of time and make managing applications more enjoyable ?

New features for COSU mode

COSU mode (Corporate Owned, Single Use) is dedicated to a specific purpose, so it has a limited number of apps controlled by the admin and less system apps. In FAMOC manage 5.19 we've added yet another enhancement for this mode -possibility to enable icons in custom settings bar:

/ Wi-Fi,

/ Bluetooth,

/ torch.

Thanks to this option, the user of the device does not have to click anything on the device, and may not even know that the administrator has enabled any of the above options. This will improve the management of the COSU mode even more!

System enhancements

We've added new columns in two tabs: on the Log tab and on device list. Thanks to this improvement, the system will be even more transparent and easy to use ?

So far, in the Log tab, we have only displayed information about the IMEI number - now it is also possible to show a column with information about the serial number, UID and device ID.

On the device list there's a new column about the enrollment method. It shows whether the device was added using Apple DEP, Android zero-touch, Samsung KME, QR code or via the start page.

New permission support: physical activity

In FAMOC manage 5.19 we've added support for the Physical activity permission settings in runtime permission policy. Now you can manage access permissions to data about steps, cycling and other activities - you can either block or allow them.

Extended support for APN configuration

In this new version there's support for more than one APN configuration on Android devices (e.g. Internet and MMS). This allows you to add two access points at the same time. Thanks to this, the administrator can be sure that the selected APN configurations are on the managed device and that all required services are properly running.

We care about the privacy of users

We are constantly working on adapting our apps to Google's privacy requirements - therefore, there are improvements in this area in each version of the system. In FAMOC manage 5.19, handling of the external storage permission on Android 11+ has appeared.

During the BYOD enrollment from an APK file or when executing an action that requires access to the external storage, users will have to grant manage external storage permission. Actions that require external storage:

/ file upload configuration,
/ launcher wallpaper,
/ device wallpaper.

The changes we introduce are dictated by the concern for the security and privacy of end users.