Do you know these features of FAMOC manage 5.22?

Hi there! FAMOC manage 5.22 is already here and it brings us a lot of interesting features and improvements. We've prepared for you a recap video in which Michał Kacprzak shows top 5 features of this version ?

WebApps enhancements in COSU mode

Now, in FAMOC manage 5.22, you can add web applications in kiosk mode with the FAMOC launcher and there is no need to add Chrome browser to the whitelist. This way, Chrome or any other web browser app will be added automatically to the whitelist, but it will not be visible to the user. Thanks to that, the end-user has better experience, it is possible to display only specific content and the address bar is blocked so you can be sure that other sites will not be opened by the user.

Remote Access improvements

If you will need to remotely connect to the device, we made it easier as well. Now, you can connect with selected devices with Android 11 without any user interaction! It is very useful when you have to fix, for example, improperly displayed content on the device or simply check how it works in the given moment - all remotely. It's a very important feature for devices in kiosk mode when there is no end-user behind the device, e.g. in a museum where you display information for tourists or in a Point of Sale. What’s more, remote connection is possible even if the device has a locked screen - we can put the lock code remotely. It’s so easy now!

Cisco Umbrella for Apple devices

In FAMOC manage 5.22 we have added support for Cisco Umbrella for Apple devices: iOS and iPadOS. Now you can secure the network layer on those devices! To turn on this integration, you have to do similar steps as for Android integration which was unveiled a few weeks ago in FAMOC manage as well. 


To start using Cisco Umbrella in FAMOC manage, in short, you just have to add Cisco Security Connector app in FAMOC and fill a dedicated configuration with your Cisco Umbrella account details. After that you have to find your devices in FAMOC manage with the help of new filters (added in this FAMOC version) - filtering devices by user or a device group in app distribution wizard and send both elements to secure your devices. Simple as that!

Notifications that require end-user interaction

In the previous FAMOC manage version we have changed the way how the notifications that require end-user interaction are displayed. The goal was to display such notifications on the top of all apps, so it can't be missed by the user. Now this behaviour is also extended to all other notifications that require end-user interaction - all to make the device more and both - company and private data - more secure! You can check exactly how it works on the video above ?

Extended Azure AD mapping

In this FAMOC manage version we have extended integration with Azure Active Directory. Now you can map all default user parameters available in Azure to FAMOC manage and thanks to that use the potential of both solutions!