The kiosk mode on mobile devices means that only certain applications will be available on them - selected by the administrator. In this mode, we also limit access to the Internet, so that the device can only be used for the purposes specified by us.

However, if you want to allow access to specific websites, e.g. your company's website or knowledge base, FAMOC manage gives you this option.

As part of the COSU policy, you can add shortcuts to specific websites that will be displayed on the device's screen in a similar way to application icons. Running the shortcut will open the page in the default web browser, but in a form that prevents access to other pages. The address bar and the browser menu will be unavailable.

To add such a shortcut, in the COSU policy template go to the COSU Mode Settings tab, then Shortcuts.

Then click Add WebClip and enter the URL and name displayed on the screen of the device.

Click Add. This way you can add multiple shortcuts to different websites. Once the policy has been saved and applied to the device, the shortcuts will be displayed as icons on the screen. Pages will be displayed in the default browser as shown in the screenshot below.