FAMOC manage provides a simple way to create a common address book for an organization with the possibility of automatic synchronization of added contacts. The synchronization settings and schedule must be specified in the policy settings. In the Advanced tab, go to the Backup Settings section.

The Backup synchronization settings feature allows you to back up the contacts stored on your device to the server. The backup interval can be set once a day, once a week or once a month.

The Synchronization of business contacts function allows for synchronization of contacts saved on the phone with selected groups of users saved in FAMOC manage.

The Basic synchronization type determines which contacts will be saved on your device. By default, None of the contacts is selected. This means that the synchronization will not be performed, unless you select below additional groups from which the import is to be made. In the example shown in the screen below, only the Harvey and Mike groups will be synchronized.

The second option allows you to synchronize contacts from all user groups. This means that contacts from all groups to which the user of the device is assigned will be saved on the device. In this case, we can also specify additional groups for synchronization.

Choosing the last option (Contacts from all groups) will mean that contact details of all users assigned to groups will be imported.

The business contacts sync interval determines how often the synchronization will be performed. Off means that the synchronization will only take place once, when the policy is applied to the device. We can also define the interval for:

  • once a day,

  • once a week,

  • once a month.

You can check the contacts synchronization status in the device details view. In the DEVICES tab, open the device details view and then click the green circle labeled Synchronization status.

In the Contacts synchronization section you will find all information such as Synchronization Type, Synchronization Interval, Next expected contact synchronization and Last synchronization time.

To force immediate synchronization, we can click the three dots icon in the upper right corner of the table and then Synchronize contacts.

In the row below, however, we can view the synchronization details.

This will show all contacts saved on your device as part of automatic sync.