For one to one file please use this FAQ

Functionality can be obtained by creating the so-called Custom configurations

If there is need to custom content for each user with field mapping you can use this 

Go to FAMOC(Advance UI) -> Settings -> Advanced settings -> configuration types -> add configuration type -> select any file without tokens (if we choose with tokens, we can choose the appropriate items in square brackets and insert specific data), enter the name , select the configuration group in which it should be available (by default it will create a new superior configuration). we choose the appropriate platforms, add a PDF file. and we enter the appropriate path on the device / devices (some androids may have different paths)

Example Test folder in the root directory.

/ storage / sdcard0 / test

After pressing the "save" button, the created configuration will be available in FAMOC -> Applications -> Configurations -> add configurations -> location from a selected configuration group.

Just choose the right one and send it like any other configuration. The file will appear in the given location on the device.