The latest FAMOC manage update is now available. Get to know the most interesting functionalities that we have introduced this time by watching the video below, and more information about this version can be found below ?

KIOSK mode improvements


The main assumption of the COSU (kiosk) mode is to limit the functionality of devices to a dedicated purpose. This means blocking access to settings from the user level. To meet the expectations, in this version of FAMOC manage, we have added the option to leave the kiosk mode by starting the service mode from the remote access level.


Additionally, during the enrollment of devices in COSU mode, a PIN code will be generated, which you can find in the device details section. This code can also be used to disable kiosk mode for devices that have lost access to the network, for example.

Remotely wipe application cache


Many mobile applications cache large amounts of data. If there are several such applications on the device, they can "clog up" the available memory relatively quickly, preventing, for example, updating the system. To prevent this from happening, in FAMOC manage you will now find a configuration that allows you to delete files accumulated by a specific application.


All you need to do is enter the package name in the configuration and apply it to selected devices to get rid of unwanted data and free up disk space.

Knox Mobile Enrollment


The KME auto-enrollment service has also been simplified. Thanks to the possibility of registration using user data, the process itself has become much simpler, and new devices will be added to the system automatically after logging in.

Remote ringtone configuration


In this update, we also added a new ability to personalize devices. This function allows you to upload a selected ringtone in mp3 format to an Android device. Now, with a few clicks, we can make company devices play the selected sound, e.g. company jingle.

Improved group creation


Creating new groups in FAMOC manage just got easier. By creating a new group of users or devices, we will be able to immediately assign a selected policy to it and define which applications and configurations will be available for it. The process itself is based on a simple wizard that guides us through the individual steps. Finally, a short summary with details of the newly created group will be displayed.

If you have any questions, please contact our Support Team at Don't forget to check our product roadmap and the FAMOC manage 5.25 documentation on the support portal.