Another FAMOC manage update is now available. In the video below Michał will tell you more about most interesting features and you can read about them below. ?

Improved BYOD security


In this version, we put emphasis on device support in BYOD mode. In the policy template, you will now find many new features allowing you to add additional device security, such as blocking configuration of location and cellular networks.
You can also force the Wi-Fi connection to stay on continuously.

Application size details


Another novelty will allow better control of device memory. In the device details view, you will now find precise data on the space occupied by the applications, both in terms of the size of the application itself and its temporary data.

Contact synchronization improvement


We also made a minor improvement to contact synchronization. In the full management and BYOD / WPC policies it will be possible to define which number assigned to the contact will be selected as the default.

App notifications control


This update also includes improvements for Apple systems. In the configuration tab, you will find a new feature that allows you to control notifications of managed applications. This means that even on a locked screen, an alert will appear, e.g. about a new e-mail, thanks to which we will not miss any priority message.

Improved privacy for iOS and macOS users


Another change is to improve user privacy. In order to comply with some GDPR requirements, it will now be possible to disable the collection of information about private applications on iOS and macOS devices. After selecting the appropriate option in the policy, only information about managed applications will be displayed in the FAMOC manage console.

Easier editing of policies


We are also still developing the FAMOC manage interface to make its operation more and more convenient. From this update, a new tab will appear - Policies. It will enable mass editing of policies. Now it takes just a few clicks to add a new restriction to several policies or change update settings.

Improved synchronization with Azure Active Directory


To facilitate the synchronization of FAMOC manage with the Active Directory directory, we improved the filter support. The administrator will only be able to specify the group name without having to use complex filter syntax.

Device enrollment in the advanced interface


This update also makes some changes to the device enrollment process. From now on, in the advanced interface, you will only be able to use the Device Admin mode.
To use all enrollment options (Device Owner, Android WPC, BYOD, COSU, Shared device) please use the Management UI istead.

If you have any questions, please contact our Support Team at Don't forget to check our product roadmap and the FAMOC manage 5.26 documentation on the support portal.