Integration with CheckPoint Harmony service /

Automatic policy change alerts /

Easy one-time login setup /

IKEv2 support in VPN configuration /

New policy templates in FAMOC lite /

Easier policy management /

We present to you the latest, spring version of FAMOC manage. Read about a selection of what's new in this update ?



Integration with CheckPoint Harmony service

CheckPoint Harmony is a solution that allows you to constantly monitor potential dangers, suspicious traffic on devices or dangerous software. Thanks to the integration of the service with FAMOC manage, if any anomalies are detected, the device will be automatically subject to the defined policy restrictions.

Automatic policy change alerts

FAMOC manage policies allow you to define rules (based on, for example, location or time), on the basis of which certain policy parameters will change dynamically. In the latest update, we added an additional alert informing you about a policy change caused by such rules. Thanks to this, the changed behavior of the device will not come as a surprise to the system administrator.



Easy one-time login setup

A single sign-on (SSO) solution allows you to quickly access specific resources and services with a single login. The latest version of FAMOC manage allows you to configure this type of login for iOS and iPadOS devices. When requesting access to defined resources, the user will be automatically asked to provide the appropriate data. It will significantly shorten and simplify the authentication procedure, while maintaining all security issues.

IKEv2 support in always-on-VPN configuration

In this version of FAMOC manage, we also added the ability to define IKEv2 connectivity for an IOS configuration that requires a permanent VPN connection.



New BYOD policy templates in FAMOC lite

We also do not forget about the simplified version of our solution, i.e. FAMOC lite. In this release, we introduced four new policy levels for BYOD mode with additional security levels. From now on, FAMOC lite users can easily define device restrictions by selecting one of the available templates from basic to high.

Easier policy management

The Policies menu now makes it even easier to make changes to the templates you have created. A simple change interface allows you to select any parameters and assign them to any number of selected policies. Thanks to this, you can now enable location services in all policies, manage the collected data or define device wiping rules in a few simple steps.