FAMOC manage is about to rebrand to Essentials MDM! Along with the name change come some updates to the product logo and our brand colours.


In July 2021 Famoc was acquired by Techstep ASA. What followed is that the company name changed to Techstep Poland, and the Irish office has been shut down. Now we’re moving on with a name change of our flagship product, FAMOC manage to  Essentials MDM.

To help with the transition, we’ve created this FAQ page as a resource for you.

Can’t find your answer? Feel free to contact us at partner.support@techstep.io, if you’re a FAMOC partner or reseller. If you’re a customer, reach out to your FAMOC reseller or carrier or send your question to support@famoc.com. We’re here to help make the process as easy and painless as possible.


What is the new name for FAMOC manage?

FAMOC manage will become Essentials MDM.

FAMOC manage lite will become Essentials MDM Lite.

FAMOC manage enterprise will become Essentials MDM + options.


Why rename FAMOC? 

Throughout 2022 we’ve been re-launching Techstep products according to the new naming strategy so that it’s scalable, well-organized, and easier to understand. Since Famoc was acquired by Techstep, the new name and branding will reflect that it is now part of ONE Techstep portfolio, unified with other products. This way we will benefit even more from the reputation and strength of the Techstep group, along with their extensive network of knowledge and expertise and a portfolio of complementary products.


Why Essentials MDM?

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, ‘essential’ is something absolutely necessary, extremely important and this is how we see Essentials MDM - as an important building block in our customers’ mobile strategy.


When will the FAMOC name change take place?

The estimated launch date for the rebranded admin console and website redirect is February 2023.

The process of updating FAMOC brand colours and logo in the Android and Mac OS apps is planned to finalize by the end of Q1. While many updates will be completed by our launch date, other materials, documentation and support portal will be updated throughout 2023.

Go here for a detailed timeline.


Do my login and FAMOC server address change?

Your link to the admin console, user name and password to access the FAMOC platform (Essentials MDM) will stay the same – nothing will change here.


Will there be a change in product functionality?

No. We are only changing the name of the product. There will be no change in product functionality.


Will there be a change in product support and communication with your team?

No. You will continue to experience the level of support you currently receive. You will still be in touch with the same people that before. Our email addresses will look like this: joe.doe@techstep.io. The old ones will still work – so you can reach us whenever necessary.


Keep in mind: for FAMOC customers the first point of contact should always be the FAMOC reseller (whether it’s the IT vendor who sold our solution or the carrier). Our support team serves as the second line of support for handling more complex, product-related issues.


Will this change affect branded servers by our distributors and resellers?

It will not affect any custom-branded servers. If you use our white-label solution, you will notice the change in the mobile apps as they will get an update and new branding.


Do I need to take any action as a customer/partner?

 You do not need to take any action as so. However, if you would like to prepare your organization or customers for these changes by updating your website, and documents or informing end-users about upcoming changes, we encourage you to do so. The product name change will affect everyone: the admin console and all mobile apps will get a new look and feel, and everyone will notice it.


We will continue to send updates on our progress.


Do I need to change anything in my accounting system? Will our contracts/NDA still be valid?

Yes, the change only affects the product name and visual identity – the legal entity is still the same. The Famoc company name has already been changed to Techstep Poland in April 2022 and you might have noticed it on the documents and invoices we issue. Our Irish office has been shut down and please use the following company data for Essentials MDM billing:

Techstep Poland SA

NIP (VAT ID): 6040003120
80-437 GDAŃSK

The bank account details do not change.


Will I receive a revised contract?

No. The changes are solely applicable to the FAMOC software name. No rights, responsibilities, benefits, or terms under your contract are impacted.


Will you update the Privacy Policy and EULA?

Yes, we will update the Privacy Policy and EULA with a new name and there will be an email notification sent out informing about the change.


What will happen to the FAMOC website and Support portal? 

The FAMOC website will be redirected to the techstep.io along with the content. As for the support portal, it will remain active until we update and move the documents to the new knowledge base.

We will continue to send updates on our progress.


What will happen with FAMOC lock and FAMOC defend?

They will remain available as our partner offering with custom pricing per project.


Where can I send any follow-up questions I might have? 

Feel free to contact us at partner.support@techstep.io. We’re here to help make the process as easy and painless as possible.