1. Creating a file to import

It is necessary to create a .csv or .txt file with table format:

  • first row: column names, e.g. "Login", "First name", "Surname"

  • next rows: user data which is related to column names, e.g. "login1", "name1", "surname1"

Every user should be specified in a new line. Exemplary file should look like:

It isn't required to use comma as a data separator, you can use e.g. semicolon or tab character.

2. Import users from a file

To import users from a file navigate to MANAGEMENT -> ORGANIZATION -> Users and press the Import users button.

Browse your PC for a prepared before file and select separator from file format field. It is necessary to fill a description field as well. Press Next.

In next step you will be prompted to create a new schema if you didn't select one. Fit column names from file with column names that exists in FAMOC. Press Save.

Summary page will show up, check if records are going to upload correctly by using validate data. If yes, press Import.

Confirm an operation by pressing OK.

Information that operation ended successfully and a new list of users will be shown as a result of this import.