FAMOC uninstall guide for Android based devices

In order to correctly remove FAMOC from an Android mobile device, please follow these steps:

NOTE: If you see on the lock screen following message: This device is managed by your organization, it means that FAMOC base agent is working in device owner mode. In that case manual uninstallation of FAMOC Base Agent will not be possible (Deactivate option will be locked).

  1. Open the settings icon in the main menu.

  1. In the Security settings find Device admin apps menu (category can be also named Device administrators).

  1. Choose FAMOC Device Admin from the device administrators list

  1. Next, choose Deactivate

  1. A warning message about removing the administrator will be displayed, confirm by clicking OK.

  1. After deactivation the FAMOC device administrator will prompt the user to activate it again. You can Uninstall FAMOC agent from this menu.