Device Owner NFC enrollment

NFC enrollment is an alternative way to install and configure FAMOC in the Android Device Owner mode. It is supported in devices using NFC and running Android version 6.0 or higher.

  1. To enable the Device Owner NFC enrollment the user needs two devices:

  • The first one with properly installed and configured FAMOC

  • The second (target) device needs to be new or after factory data reset, displaying the Welcome Screen

  1. The next step is to go to IT Control on the managed device and press Start to scan the second device via NFC.

  1. Align devices with each other to detect NFC (in most devices it is located at the back). Both devices must have NFC enabled and screens cannot be locked.

  2. Signs of a successful detection are audio feedback and change on the screen of the first device as the view gets smaller and "Touch the beam." appears.


  1. Keeping devices together, press smaller window to initiate NFC enrollment. This starts FAMOC installation on the second (target) device.

  2. Now, the user needs to encrypt the device. his action requires plugging in the device to the charger and charging the battery to minimum 80%.

  1. When the device is fully encrypted, the next step is connecting to the internet to get a FAMOC configuration. After that,  the device is ready to work, and FAMOC will start downloading all necessary agents.

Device Owner application policy

Device owner application settings are part of the Security options tab of Policy.

In order to add applications to the list of exceptions, input the package name and press “Add”.  New package name will appear on the list, it can be removed by pressing “X” button.

Device Owner application permissions

This tab provides the device user to decide which permissions have allowed or denied access to each application.  In order to add application permissions to the list of exceptions, input the package name and choose permissions. Available permissions are:

  1. “As global” - will be set in accordance with “Global Device Owner runtime permission policy”

  2. “Managed by the user” - will let the user to decide which permissions are allowed / denied from device settings.

  3. “Allow” - will automatically allow permissions from the list.

  4. “Deny” - will automatically deny permissions from the list.