Each user can be assigned to a specific Group. This feature is useful when managing a large number of devices and users as it allows users to be grouped by similar requirements and group actions to be carried out.

  1. To manage groups go to the ADVANCED tab.
  2. Then go to ORGANIZATION > Groups sub-tab.
  3. Groups can be added by pressing Add group at the Groups tab.
  4. Provide a Name for the group. The name should be directly associated with group’s features, such as: London Employees, Sales Staff etc. This will make the administrator’s work more efficient. It is also possible to define Service Level Agreement (SLA). The system provides four SLA templates: Basic, Gold, Platinum or VIP, for different support priorities. Once the SLA is set, the following icons appear in the device inventory, allowing devices to be sorted according to the level of support: 
    • Basic Service Level Agreement
    • Gold Service Level Agreement
    • Platinum Service Level Agreement
    • VIP Service Level Agreement
  5. To add users to the group click the Select button on the Users tab and choose users you wish to add to the group. Confirm your choice by clicking Save.

Each group can also be granted privileges. To select them, use the Roles tab. FAMOC provides template roles, however it is also possible to create a new set of privileges. To finish, press Save. A new group has been created and is shown in the Groups tab. Groups can be modified and deleted from FAMOC by pressing the respective buttons.