The Roles tab allows the administrator to create role templates with pre-defined user privileges so that while adding a new user, it is not necessary to manually grant a set of privileges each time, but it is possible to use a previously defined template.

The system provides 5 role templates:

  • FAMOC Administrator– with full access and management powers
  • FAMOC Security Manager – with full privileges for security policy deployment and management
  • FAMOC Asset Manager – with access to information on company assets, including hardware, software, SIM cards, users and processing data
  • FAMOC Group Manager – grants access to manage specific groups of users and devices
  • FAMOC Web Services – gives access to the organization’s web services.

However, the administrator can create custom sets of privileges:

  1. To create a new template click Add role or Add group manager role if you wish to create a group with group management privileges.

  2. Input Name and Description of the role.

  3. To assign privileges, mark the checkboxes next to FAMOC tabs and functions in the Available privileges table. Once you assign privileges, they will appear in the Assigned privileges table.

  4. To finish press Save.

List of available privileges can be found in FAMOC Privileges Guide.